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Alice Barron (UK): violin, viola, loop pedal, prepared violin, bowed sarods

Ole André Farstad (NO): prepared sarods, Hindustani slide guitar, electronics. 

‘atmospheric gatherings… rewarding conversations are held in a way I have never heard before and it is therefore a real joy to be part of the journey’ (Tor Hammerø)

Alice and Ole create original music for prepared sarods, violins, viola, slide guitar and electronics.  Born out of a series of improvisations, this project explores the colours, textures and resonances from encounters with Indian classical instruments. Both the Hindustani slide guitar and Karnatic violin have an intercultural story after traveling to India from Hawaii and Europe, respectively.


‘Hesperidium’ (2023) is a personal response of 8 pieces, or segments, which explore the parallel musical concepts that Indian classical music has in a contemporary context in relation to string playing. In particular, the rich sonorities that are made possible through the sympathetic strings of the sarods and slide guitar, as well as using experimental techniques and sampling the instruments with live electronics.


This album experiments with the sense of time, for both performers and audience – expanding time on many levels, from the macro scale of timelessness to the micro details of moving between notes in a considered way. April Twelves make slow music for an immersive and inquisitive listening experience. Hesperidium was launched live at nyMusikk Bergen in Bergen Kjøtt in August 2023.

All music composed and recorded by April Twelves

Recorded in Bergen at Duper studio 1-3 April and Studio 1 at WRAP 22-25 November 2022

Produced by Alice Barron and Ole André Farstad; Mixed by Ole André Farstad and Iver Sandøy; Mastered by Iver Sandøy

Cover design by Teresa Marraco; Cover artwork by Alice Barron; Back cover image by Medi Farmani; Photo by Will Roberts

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