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the bond between
Ok Bertie! & Alice Barron

Violin & loop pedals


Alice Barron – Violin
Rob Szymanek – Loop Pedals

'the bond between' was created through collaborative sessions in London, 2010-2011. The piece was recorded live in the Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music and released in 2022.


This piece lies in a space between many things: between South Indian and European classical music, between acoustic and electronic, between improvisation and composition, between Alice and Rob. Alice's studies and love of Karnatic violin music was the core inspiration, a springboard from which Rob was able to explore violin writing from a new angle.

The music builds in layer upon layer: short phrases are played and recorded and played back through the loop pedals, over which longer stretches of melody emerge. 'the bond between' has been performed live in LSO St Luke's and The Forge, Camden.


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