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Vayu Naidu & Alice Barron

Storytelling & live music


S/HE is a collaboration between storyteller Vayu Naidu and violinst-composer Alice Barron, as performed Women in the Arts Festival, 2022. Stories include retellings of the Indian epics Ganga and Savatri alongside ancient Norse and Greek mythology.

Vayu Naidu is a British-Indian storyteller who tells stories about the magnitude of women – forgotten and remembered. These tales can be shocking and surprising; both dark and bright.


Traversing time and traditions, S/HE offers a female perspective that resonates with ongoing debates around gender, culture and intersectionality in the 21st century. S/HE foregrounds the strong and powerful female characters who have often been overshadowed in tellings of traditional stories in the past. Working collaboratively to express the meanings and tone of the stories allows us to draw out themes of resilience, vibrancy, grief and strength in womanhood.


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